Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Perfect Rose (Valentine Special)

The Perfect Rose (Valentine Special)
On a Wing of Lovers Dreams
Down the Spiral of our mind
Many beauteous Crystal Scenes
Unfold, the Perfect land to find
At Rainbows end the perfect Gems
Create new colours, Never seen
By a Human eye, ne’ere Aeons when
The gods reflect such happenings been
There yonder Heavens marbled Gate
The Womb of precious Gossamer Thread
Wherein the Melt of lovers fate
With God’s great heart is truly Wed
The Union of the Sweetness melt
Of all that’s Pure in flakes sublime
Love himself in Passion felt
To blend and merge his Hall of Time
So to this Crystal Womb of Light
All that Mankind as Precious knows
To faerie weave in Laughter bright
This one, this only, Perfect Rose
So look upon this Perfect Rose
No words describe, no perfect Prose
Come near the Beauty of this flower
Cast by Love’s hand, in Lovers Bower


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